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Wardrobe Accents Make New Fashion Statement

Looking for that perfect accent to set-off your wardrobe? While there are a number of ways to turn a drab wardrobe into something stunning this articles will show you some unique ways to accomplish that purpose.

Renew and Refresh Your Combo

If you're like me you don't want to walk into the office with the same combination of clothing month after month, year after year. The key to renewing and refreshing your wardrobe is using just a little more creativity. Switch it up. Look over the usual clothing combination you wear. If your combo includes a pair of pants with a particular shirt and blazer why not replace the blazer with a sweater or vest.

Turning your drab wardrobe into something more interesting is not as difficult as you might think and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune either. Stock up on belt buckles, scarves, vests and most of all neckties.

Belt buckles

the right belt buckle can turn a loose fitting sweater or shirt into a more form fitting piece of attire and change the whole look. Belts can make a mediocre outfit stand out and an old shirt or blouse look stunning.


Vests add a touch of distinction to a shirt or blouse. The patterns in vests can highlight or accent subtle color patterns and pull together two seemingly unmatched articles so well that you can now get away with wearing those blue slacks with that light green or pink top.


Scarves have always been the most formidable accent. While single tone scarves are colorful accents choose a scarf with a unique pattern or interesting color blend. The more colors in the scarf the better it will compliment the different colors and patterns in your wardrobe and the more combinations can be put together


Nothing pulls together a wardrobe combination better than a necktie. While necktie styles once varied for men and woman, many more woman are adding standard mens ties to their wardrobe. Neckties can be worn in many different ways. There is the full windsor knot, the half windsor knot, the pratt knot, the four in hand knot and the shelby knot.

The key to accenting your wardrobe is finding the right tie. The best thing about neckties is they can be very flexible color catalysts depending on the color pattern. Ties with black or white backgrounds often work with most clothing combinations. Full color patterned ties can bring together combinations of tops and bottoms that normally would not match.

Neckties, unlike other accents can make a bold or soft fashion statement and tell your story with a word. Neckties are the ultimate wearable art featuring designs only limited to the imagination. What can a necktie say about you? Are you the romantic type, do you love animals, like a particular flower, into dating or hobby enthusiast? A tie can tell it all.

Browse neckties, scarves, vests and belts online at Kaboodle, Amazon or Zazzle to get creative combination ideas and find just the right accents for your wardrobe.