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Trendy Square Scarf

Square scarf is a clothing accessory that is ideal to enhance any look and outfit. Square scarves can be made from cotton, polyester, silk or even heavy wool knits. These scarves offer you comfort, protection and the sense of confidence. They are actually a great investment because they can be used regardless of one's age and physique.

Several fashionistas have their own fashion sense and taste. Although they differ in opinions regarding fashion, one would notice that they have scarves as part of their wardrobe accessories. They are commonly used not just because of it's trend in fashion but also its practical use.

Using it in a simple dress, plain sweater or even shirts can add beauty and chic sophistication to them. How to wear them largely depends on its size and shape. You may want to use it as a triangular band, flat band or roll it to a tie. Its flexibility is the reason why it is an all around accessory. Below are some of the trendy ways on how to wear them.

Trendy Bandana. Fold it down diagonally to create a big triangle. Wrap your head with it to match your sporty attire. You may want to wear it to give a cute, sweet, peasant-girl look, wearing it straight across the front and back or tilt it to one side to give a more fashionable chic look.

You can also wear it as a neckerchief. Fold the scarf again diagonally as mentioned above then roll your triangle to make a skinny tie. Wear it around the neck and tie a loose knot. You can also use this rolled scarf, tie it around your waist and use it as belt.

Trendy Bracelet. If it can be used as an alternative necklace, you can use it as an alternative bracelet as well. It is a contemporary style but it is surely fashionable. Just wrap your wrist with your rolled scarf several times until it reaches the end. Tie a knot and make sure it is sufficient to hold the scarf in place but not too tight to make your hands numb.

Wear it as a headband. One of the most popular ways of wearing a square scarf is wearing them as headbands. Fold it diagonally and form a thin band. Tie your hair with a ponytail then tie your scarf around your head. Secure it with a knot at the back of your neck. Release your hair from the ponytail when all is set. Wrapping it around your hair tie is another way of using your scarf as a hair accessory.

Wear it on your bags and hats. If you do not feel like wearing them but want to make your fashion statement, use with some of your personal belongings. Using them on your bag, purse or hat can add a sense of fashion with them, creating a casual chic style.

There are other ways on how you can wear this piece of accessory. A little creativity and experiments can bring about new ideas and possibilities for you.