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MBT Shoes and Christian Louboutin

The MBT shoes and the Christian Louboutin are the two brands which I like most. They are the most fashionable shoes in the world and also exceeded expensive at the same time. The difference between them is that one makes me healthy and the other makes me beautiful.

When I was a child, my health was extraordinary poor because I was a premature baby. When I was seven, the health also affected my normal life. My family members also worried about me because it was time to attend school for my age. Finally my mother sent for a physical teacher who had won a champion in the national competition to help me do the body-building excises. I followed him and stuck to it every day until I graduated from the middle school. He was a patient teacher and told me how to overcome the problems confronted in the process of exercise. He was also a forceful man and encouraged me to persist when I wanted to give up. I had to leave and say goodbye to him because I was recruited by a well-know university in another city. He sent a pair of MBT shoes to me as a special gift, because he knew that I loved the MBT shoes very much and he wanted me to have the body-building conducted continuously when went to the new school.

After four years of wonderful lives and busy study in university, I became the only one who was lucky enough to be offered a position in our school's bank. So I began to pay great attention to my appearance so as to give a good impression to the boss. After a period of training, I was assigned to the finance department, because I performed well in the training exam. I found that everything is new when I went into the office, including the colleagues and the environment. I got familiar with the working and got along well with others after a few days in the great help of Jack. He fell in love with me at the first sight because he thought I was the person he wanted to live with. And I also loved him because he had patient, kindness and forceful characters. In the Valentine's Day, he sent me a pair of Christian Louboutin as a special gift to make me more beautiful.

I have to owe my sincere gratitude to my fitness trainer for MBT shoes and Jack, for what they have done means a lot to me.