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Eva Mendes - Who Doesn't Want A Body Like That?

The gorgeous actress Eva Mendes is the new face and body of Reebok EasyTone and she so a sight for sore eyes. Men love her and women want to look like her and she has the superstar looks that many want to emulate. The great thing about Eva fronting the Reebok EasyTone campaign supporting the amazing range of fitness footwear and the new line of EasyTone Apparel recently launched means that we get to hear all about the fact that Eva herself is no fan of gyms and furious workouts, she told Metro recently 'I'm just like everyone else, I do not enjoy going to the gym, but I do it because I have to do it for my mind, for my body, for my soul and for my career'.

Eva loves her EasyTone trainers because she can go hiking in them and also run errands which means that she is getting the most benefit from her footwear during her hectic days and that makes her feel great as well as being highly beneficial to her body at the same time. Many women can seriously understand this because these days life is always so fast and there seems hardly any time to fit everything in that you want to achieve during the busy week. Reebok have just made it a whole lot easier to bump up your fitness regime by providing some ultra stylish new footwear that goes by the cool name of Reebok EasyTone and guarantees to help tone and tighten those stubborn areas around the lower body that most women tend to complain about and would like to improve.

With the help of a pair of cool and stylish EasyTones on your feet you can start your worlkout while you go about your daily business or wear them to walk to work, to walk the kids to school, to do the shopping or even to walk the dog. The choices are endless and the benefits are amazing. You can choose from a long list of styles including the EasyTone Reenew, EasyTone Flash, EasyTone Trend and many more besides. Reebok gives women the tools to help them achieve everything the want and to fit even more into their already busy lifestyles without anything having to be compromised or without sacrificing anything important.

The whole Reebok EasyTone foortwear concept is actually fairly simple really. The trainers work because of the technology inside the soles which is basically something called Moving Air Technology and the 'balance ball inspired pods' that create something called micro instability when you walk in the shoes which is what makes your hamstrings and quadriceps work harder and therefore has an overall toning effect on those hard to tone areas like the legs and bottom. It really is that simple and it's on offer in many difference designs of the Reebok EasyTone footwear, making it even easier to get a body that might one day resemble Eva Mendes (if you walk a long way and are really focussed!) So what are you waiting for?