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Calvin Klein Cologne and Perfume

Calvin Klein Perfume: The Calvin Klein is a well known company for the label of perfumes and colognes. The production of perfumes and their other maintenance is maintained by Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company (CKCC). It is a Unilever company which got its fragrance licensing agreements from the Unilever.

The major perfumes produced by this company include:1. Calvin- it was meant for men and was produced in 1981. 2. Escape- this product was produced for both men and women. The men's perfume was produced in 1989 and a year before was produced for women. 3. CK One (unisex)-it was a red hot limited edition and was produced in 1994. 4. Contradiction- this product was for women and men and produced in 1997 and 1998 resp. 5. Truth- was produced for both men and women in 2002, and 2000 respectively.

Apart from the above listed products, there were many other perfume classes produced in between these above classes. The main reason for a person to use this perfume in comparison to other branded perfumes because the prices of this brand are very reasonable which every person can easily afford. These are cheap perfumes to use by a person. If a person compares the price list of this brand with any other, then he would find that the prices of the product offered by Calvin Klein are the lowest one and even the quality of the product is quite well.

Another reason to go for this brand would be that it offers good discounts on the items at various time periods. So, further reduction in the prices of the product. This brand even produces many other items like jeans, watches, bags and many other fashion accessories. Also, these products are available in the market at quite reasonable prices. There are many stores and outlets which are spread all over the major countries from where one can easily get these product.