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Background and Music of Celine Dion

Celine Dion was born Celine Marie Claudette Dion on March 30th, 1968, to a large and poor family in Charlemagne, Quebec. She became the most active in the public signing realm in the year 1980 as a French-speaking teen star after her future husband and manager put his home on mortgage in order to finance her first record. She then was able to establish herself as a popular and viable pop artist in English-speaking areas and in North America.

Besides being a singer, she is considered to be an actress, entrepreneur, and songwriter. Her music was influenced by several genres from R&B to rock to classical to gospel. However, she is most known for her powerful vocals and technical skills. She also possesses what is called a five-octave range of vocals and is often considered to be one the most influential voices in pop music.

Dion holds several records. She is the all time best-selling Canadian artist and the second best-selling female artist in the United States behind Mariah Carey in the Nielsen SoundScan era. Also, she has the best-selling French album of all time.

But then in 2004, she surpassed selling 175 million albums. Therefore, at the World Music Awards, she was given the Chopard Diamond Award for being the all-time best-selling female artist. In fact, worldwide, she has sold over 200 million albums, according to Sony Music.

In 1990, Dion's most popular song was "Where Does My Heart Beat Now." In 1992, she performed the hit song "If You Asked Me To" and a duet with Peabo Bryson for the movie "Beauty and the Beast." In 1993 she came out with "The Power of Love" and in 1994 she came out with "Think Twice." 1995 was the year that "Because You Loved Me" was released and "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" along with "All By Myself" were released in 1996.

Dion then sang the hit song for the movie Titanic called "My Heart Will Go On" in 1998. Also, she sang a duet with the Bee Gees called "Immortality" and another duet with R. Kelly called "I'm Your Angel" in the same year. The remaining hits of Dion's include "I Want You to Need Me" in 2001, "A New Day Has Come" in 2002, and "I Drove All Night" in 2003.